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I am a Fine Artist specialising in painting and drawing and specifically in Oil Painting. I have been awarded a PhD from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and my Doctoral work involved research relating to the disciplines of Painting and Acousmatic Music. This is identified under the heading of ‘Doctoral Research’ on this website and includes a link to a brief Abstract outlining the research project. Prior to my PhD, I studied towards a Masters degree and a Bachelors Degree, both in Fine Art. I have taught for Buckinghamshire Adult Learning, accepted and completed many domestic and corporate commissions, both taken part in and organized exhibitions, worked as artist in residence at Poole Museum and dabbled in illustration.

I recently relocated to the Isle of Man and have already begun to create work inspired by the island.

My artwork involves large-scale oil paintings inspired by the places that I have encountered. My practice reflects my understanding of paint and its potential for manipulation on canvas. I use layering techniques to develop depth, giving the impression of space alongside intricate detail. My art practice is influenced by my years of academic research and my paintings reflect my studies, particularly my Doctoral thesis.  I also produce drawings, sketches, signed prints, detailed pen and ink works and smaller paintings alongside my larger oil paintings. Galleries of my artworks can be found on this website and current work can be found on my instagram account, @amybourbonart.

I also enjoys working on projects for Wild in Art, taking part in the ‘Go Wild Gorillas’ project in Jersey, the ‘Big Trunk Trail’ in Luton, the ‘Worcester Big Parade’, the ‘Octopus Ahoy’ trail in Essex and will soon be decorating a sculpture for ‘A Dog’s Trail’ in Cardiff.