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‘Self Portrait 23’, Oil and Pencil on Canvas Board
‘Laxey no1’ Oil on Canvas (80 x 80cm)
‘St Helier Harbour, Jersey’, Oil on Canvas – 9ft x 6ft.
‘L’Auberge’, Oil on Canvas.
‘Fire Attack’, Oil on Canvas

This artwork, ‘Fire Attack’, was inspired by a project by the amazing Jersey photographer Marc Le Cornu (Bam Perspectives). He created stunning aerial images of the Rescue and Firefighting crews on a live fire training exercise in Jersey.

‘Ramsey Beach’, Limited Edition Digital Giclee Print.
‘Archirondel’, Limited Edition Digital Giclee Print.
‘Corbiere Lighthouse’, Limited Edition Digital Giclee Print.

‘Corbiere Lighthouse‘ and ‘Bamboo’ both available as signed prints. Contact details on contact page.

‘Bamboo’, Digital Giclee Print.
St Helier Harbour, Jersey’, Limited Edition Giclee Print.

‘St Helier Harbour, Jersey’ and ‘Fire Attack’ both available as signed prints. Contact details on contact page.

‘Fire Attack’, Digital Giclee Print.
‘Millbrook House’, Limited Edition Giclee Print.

‘September Sunburn’, Oil on Canvas.
‘Laxey, Isle of Man’, Oil on Canvas
‘Untitled’, Oil on Canvas Commission.
‘Black Butter’, Oil on Canvas.
‘Laxey Boats’, Giclee Print.

Artist Residency May 2020

The Island Residency is an instagram based artist residency in Kelham Island, Sheffield (@the_island_residency). I took over the project for the month in May 2020. The project took an unexpected turn as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Sadly, I had to take on the project from home, altering my focus from a Kelham Island residency to a slightly unexpected and intriguing project! The artist before me had been inspired by sea-life in the form of paper sculptures. At the same time, I had been chosen to paint a giant octopus sculpture for a different project (to be announced in 2021). My lockdown was already octopus focused so I decided to pursue a slightly random octopus research project! I wanted to embrace the opportunity to focus on a project that was so far removed from what was expected and I’m grateful to those involved for encouraging me to be creative with my subject!

I created drawings, sketches and oil paintings in response to my research into the shapes and textures that are so unique to the sinister creatures. I was also able to experiment with colours, delving into colour clashes and strange juxtapositions to develop my subjects.

The Island Residency Project, May 2020, final artworks:

‘Octopus 2’ –  Oil on Canvas:

‘Octopus 1’ – Oil on Canvas:

The Island Residency Project, May 2020. Drawings:

VE Day and Liberation Day (Jersey) Drawings:

Drawings Inspired by the ArtHouse Jersey Lockdown project (see below):

ArtHouse Jersey Nineteen Day Drawing Challenge: Isolation Creation.

A selection of my favourite drawings produced during lockdown!

Ronez Quarry, Jersey – Oil on Canvas, (2020)

Go Wild Gorillas Project, Jersey, Summer/Autumn 2019

A ‘Go Wild Gorillas’ trail in partnership with Wild in Art to raise funds for a new state-of-the-art gorilla enclosure at Jersey Zoo. My Gorilla ‘Rotchi’ was sponsored by Ronez Quarry in Jersey and my design (developed using acrylic paints onto the white based fibreglass sculpture) emulates the beautiful Jersey granite found on the site in the north of the island. See my blog for further details.

Rotchi sold at auction in Jersey, raising a whopping £41,000 for Jersey Zoo!

IMG_5525Photo by Paul Marshall, Jersey photographer.

Full video on Rotchi on the trail.

Rotchi needed a tiny repair to keep him at his best!

Rotchi in the studio before taking up his position in the wild at La Route du Nord.

Trail map, Trail Guide, Merchandise (mugs, bags, tea towels, coasters, magnets, badges), and the sign on his plinth!

Evening Private View at Jane James Studios in St Helier!

Current Work In Progress 2019 – Oil on Canvas (9ft x 6ft).

IMG_5605 copy

Charming Nancy‘ – Oil on Canvas, 2018 (90 x 90cm)

Charming Nancy

Nectarines’ – Oil on Canvas, 2018 (90 x 90cm)


The Sound‘, Pencil on Paper, 2018 (34 x 68cm framed).

Drawing- 'The Sound'

Sea Music 3‘ – Oil on Canvas, 2018 (71in x 61in).


Artist In Residence, Poole Museum:

In partnership with Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund (Read about the project and my approach to the residency on the research page).

‘Sea Music 1’ – Oil on Canvas, 2017, (84in x 66in).DSC03823


‘Sea Music 2’ – Oil on Canvas, 2017, (66in x 66in).

‘Sea Music Drawings’ – Pen and Ink on Paper, 2017.

Sea Music Exhibition Invitation and Advertising:

Exhibition and Private View Images:IMG_4655

Sea Music 1 & 2 – Detail Images:

Recent Work:

‘La Vigne’ – Oil on Canvas, 2016, (108in x 72in).Version 2

‘L’Ermitage’ – Oil on Canvas, 2017, (59in x 47in).


‘Enchevetrement’ – Oil on Canvas, 2017, (47in x 47in).

PhD Artwork:

‘Renouvellement’ – Oil on Canvas, 2014, (108in x 72in).

‘Retentissement’ – Oil on Canvas, 2013, (108in x 72in).

‘Profondeur’ – Oil on Canvas, 2012, (108in x 72in).

‘Vascillement’ – Oil on Canvas, 2013.

PhD Exhibition Space, Margaret Street, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design:

Masters Degree Artwork:

1, Gallery Space

MA Private View:

MA – Painting Details:

Bachelors Degree Artwork:

6, Hurricane Ivan no6

‘Hurricane Ivan 6’ – Oil on Canvas, 2006, (79in x 59in).

‘Hurricane Ivan 5’ – Oil on Canvas, 2006, (47in x 47in).5, Hurricane Ivan no5

‘Hurricane Ivan 1’ – Oil on Canvas, 2006, (44in x 44in).1, Hurricane Ivan no1

‘Hurricane Ivan 2’ – Oil on Canvas, 2006, (63in x 44in).2, Hurricane Ivan no2

‘Hurricane Ivan 3’ – Oil on Canvas, 2006, (44in x 44in).3, Hurricane Ivan no3

7, Exhibition

‘Hurricane Ivan’ Triptych, 2006.

‘Hurricane Ivan 4’ – Oil on Canvas, 2006.4, Hurricane Ivan no4

Studio Space Before Exhibition Installation:8, Studio space

Drawings and Sketches:

‘Hurricane Ivan Drawing 1’ – Pen and Ink on Paper, 2006.1, Hurricane Ivan no7

‘Hurricane Ivan Drawing 2’ – Pen and Ink on Paper, 2006.2-hurricane-ivan-no8.jpg

‘Venice Drawing’ – Pen and Ink on Paper, 2008.3, Venice Pen&Ink

Jersey Triptych – Pen and Ink on Paper:4, Jersey no1

6, Jersey no3
5, Jersey no2

Drawings from Sketchbooks and Test Pieces:

Sketchbook Details for ‘Sea Music’ Artist Residency 2017:

Portraiture and Life Drawing:

‘Self Portrait’ – Oil on Canvas, 2013.

Portraits – Pencil on Canvas, Oil on Canvas, Oil on Board:

Life Drawing – Pencil, charcoal, Pastel on Paper:

Other Artworks:

1, Tall Palm

‘Tall Palm’ – Oil on Canvas, 2008.

Venice Paintings – Oi on Canvas, 2009.

Watercolours – London and Rouen:

Oil Tests on Canvas and Board:

Works in Oil and Acrylic Paint:

Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour Tests:

‘Tetraptych’ – Oil on Canvas: